Section 1 Lesson 1: Why Are We Here & Ground Rules

Welcome to StopLifters

A theft redirection course.

Please watch the "Why are we here" video below to learn what this course will be about and how to successfully complete it.


Ground Rules:

  1. You must fully participate to complete the course.
  2. You must complete the course to satisfy the requirements .
  3. Watch the videos, do not let them watch you. There will be a quiz at the end. 
  4. Complete assignments on time and attend live sessions on time.
  5. Do not go out of order. Complete all lessons in each session before moving on to the next session.
  6. Pay any fees required.
  7. Complete all written work thoughtfully and thoroughly.
  8. Follow instructions in workbook and during class.
  9. Do not debate or argue with the course facilitator.
  10. Be respectful to other students.
  11. Participate in discussions respectfully. 

Expulsion policy:

Expulsion will mean you do not complete the requirements of probation or diversion. Failure to complete these requirements may subject you to harsher penalty and a visit to the judge. 

Participants may be expelled if they:

  1. fail to complete the assignments,
  2. plagiarize,
  3. disrespect other students or the course facilitator, or
  4. are disruptive during live events or session.  

Watch the Ground Rules Video below.


Complete the quiz below about the ground rules. You must pass this quiz to move on to the next session. Be sure to review the ground rules videos above before beginning quiz.


Using the comment section below explain: What do you hope to learn out of this class?

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